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Chanel Watches: Introducing, Monsieur de Chanel.

Chanel has enjoyed a long stretching relationship with the horological industry, having released the largely successful Premiere watch, designed by Jacques Helleu in 1987. Jump forward to the year 2000, which marks the release of what has become an icon of sorts with the Chanel J12 sports watch. The well-considered watch was designed to resemble the shape of the Place Vendôme, a prestigious square located in the first arrondissement and created to honour the glory of King Louis XIV. This well-thought-out, respectful first step in Haute horology would earn consumers’ brand respect and trust. This unisex piece was available in black ceramic and would later be available in various materials due to how well the initial piece was received. Just to contextualise the brand’s attention to detail, Chanel acquired the movements for a later iteration of the J12 from Audemars Piguet, a market leader of quality and design in the watch industry.

Featured in Hagan Networks, MR H Magazine in collaboration with Chanel watches.