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LETTING GO: The Sublime Synchronicity of Gwyneth Paltrow & Sarah Wetenhall.



The Sublime Synchronicity of Gwyneth Paltrow & Sarah Wetenhall.

“Don’t hold anything too tightly,” Oprah W​​infrey told her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, “just wish for it, want it, let it come from the intention of real truth for you, and then . . . let it go.” Amidst swaying palms, storied avenues, and the cresting of waves on the Atlantic coast, a space has been created to allow such intentions to find their manifestation. In Palm Beach, two female-led enterprises driven by personal vision, passion and curiosity have fashioned a villa that invites its guests to let go and embrace the present — the here and now. Under the visionary eye of Sarah Wetenhall, The Villa Collection at The Colony — already having created luxurious spaces with Celerie Kemble, Aerin Lauder, Serena and Lily, Mark D. Sikes, and Chairish — now have harmonised with Gwyneth Paltrow to develop an experiential villa that is uniquely goop, uniquely Palm Beach, and unique in almost every way imaginable.

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“We’ve always dreamed of a goop residence, a place where people could immerse themselves into our world of gorgeous, meditative interiors, with luxurious clean beauty in the bathrooms and elegant, timeless fashion in the closet”

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“I grew up staying with my grandparents here at their condominium,” says Paltrow, reflecting on her many years congregating with family in Palm Beach, “going for stone crabs or into town — my grandfather loved this particular cashmere store on Worth Avenue. I have amazing memories of being in the ocean with them and in the pool with all their friends. So it’s really wonderful, actually, to be back here, leaving our stamp on such a classic, beautiful property.” And it is The Colony’s classic appeal that energises owner Wetenhall, “We wanted The Colony Hotel to represent the best of what Palm Beach has to offer,” she says, “preserving the property’s legacy while curating fresh and exciting programming elements, design partnerships, events, and offerings for both our guests and the local community.” Having come from a career in New York fashion, she understood that design is more than creating an image — it is about creating a narrative. “We are much more than a hotel,” she muses, “The Colony is a state of mind – a place to connect meaningfully and authentically with one of the world’s most storied destinations.” The Villa Collection is a quintessential expression of this ethos, designed “specifically for guests wishing to stay at our Pink Paradise for a month or more and connect meaningfully with our beloved island. They represent the best in class of design, lifestyle, artistry, and creativity. The result is a beautiful, curated collection of residences, each exemplifying different designers’ personal interpretation on Palm Beach style.”