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The Hoteliers book



A stylish travel book with a strong, clear narrative, lasting presence and luxury aesthetic.


The Hoteliers book will present the essential triumvirate of hotelier, architect & VIP guest. Those featured are breaking new ground in an industry more diverse, vast, and competitive than it has ever been.


The well-traveled, sophisticated aesthete. They are naturally creative and select hotels that connect with their image. These are historians, art collectors, design fanatics, culture lovers, and experience-driven clients who require more than just a bed for the night, they want the story behind the concept, and the vision behind the final product.


Within hotels & resorts: The hoteliers featured will distribute copies of the book within the rooms and common areas of their hotels. Creating a global print-content sharing platform across hundreds of hotels across the world.


High-end bookstores, retailers, and department stores in major cities including London, Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney, and more. 


Available via Amazon and online stores selling luxury books and products. 

Scheduled release: Early 2023.

To participate in this project please contact Content Director, Olivier Wesley, olivier@hagannetwork.com 

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